Welcome to MarkusFeehily.Net. Markus Feehily, one of the lead singers in pop band Westlife, is a talented singer and songwriter from Ireland, known for co-writing songs like “I Will Reach You” and “Beautiful World” while in the band. Now flying solo, he has co-written all the tracks on his debut solo album. This site is a tribute to him and his creative soul for being an inspiration for many. We invite you to open your mind and let Markus' vibe and magic inspire your all. In 2015 Markus launched his solo career kicking it off with debut single "Love Is a Drug", followed by "Butterfly" and his album "Fire".

Mark Feehily – Christmas (Review By Lucy Mapstone)

In a market over-saturated with Christmas cover albums, is there room for another one? Don’t be a Scrooge, of course there is. This time it’s the turn of ex-Westlife star Mark Feehily and, while he’s no Buble (who is undeniably the musical version of mulled wine and snowflakes and jolly good cheer), there’s something enriching and enchanting about the Irish singer’s new spin on the most beloved festive tunes.

Feehily has done away with the hackneyed sleigh bells and other saccharine, yuletide-friendly elements in his tracks and this, combined with his genuinely magnificent singing voice, means his songs are less cliched than most Christmas covers tend to be.

Think bluesy, jazzy ballads with pared-back production; familiar tunes wiped clean of all the fuss. Highlights include O Holy Night and his goosebump-inducing take on Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Think of this effort as being like Feehily’s own little Christmas concert: you can almost see him sitting at a Westlife-style high stool, surrounded by a few hundred tinsel-wrapped candles… and you won’t even miss the other guys.

8/10: Lucy Mapstone

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Dec 1, 2017
Nat & Villy

New Album ‘Christmas’ IS OUT NOW!

Now, guys… it’s 1st of December, which means that Mark Feehily’s festive album Christmas‘ IS OUT NOW!! 🙀❤️😁🎄🎵✨

As Markus has mentioned, this album is a bit of his own Christmas gift to the fans and we are incredibly happy and proud of what he’s put together. The song choices, the vocals, the emotions… he’s made such a fantastic festive album and we feel so lucky to be able to enjoy the sound of his taking over our Christmas! 😊🎵💿

Make sure you will make the album yours and get into the festive spirit in the most beautiful way… 👌😉

1. Merry Christmas Baby
2. River
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
4. This Christmas
5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
6. O Holy Night
7. Silent Night (Live Acapella)


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Dec 1, 2017
Nat & Villy

Listen Back To Mark’s Interview On Today FM

Markus was on Today FM’s The Last Word with Matt Cooper and we can now listen back to the interview. 😃🎄🎵


“It’s an album I’ve had in my head for a long time”

Former Westlife star Mark Feehily has a new Christmas album.

He spoke to Matt about why he decided to do it, and also discussed the idea of reforming Westlife and what it was like working with Mariah Carey.

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Nov 30, 2017
Nat & Villy

A Christmas 2017 Gift For You From Trash

by Dan Bull

Looking for something new to put on this Christmas Day and drown out the family rows? Perhaps they’ll even soundtrack the happy times?! 2017 has been incredibly generous for festive LPs, so we’ve whittled down the best of them. And as The Killers aren’t delivering their usual, annual Christmas single (seriously, if you haven’t heard Boots or Joseph, Better You Than Me add them to your Xmas playlist immediately), there are a few stand-alone tracks at the end too. Like the little gift to go with the big gift, because no matter how old you are, one present is never enough..

The albums:


Mark Feehily: Christmas
Best for: Walking through the city and pretending you’re the romantic lead in a Christmas film

Not so many moons ago, Christmas was primetime for Westlife. They scored a number one with I Have A Dream/Seasons In The Sun, and ensured that a new album was ready to top Christmas lists for generations of women. On his second album since the band’s split, Mark Feehily takes on the Christmas numbers that mean the most to him. While it’s concise, it’s also diverse, opening with Merry Christmas Baby (previously handled by Otis Redding, Elvis Presley and Rod Stewart) before delving a little deeper into the songs we’ve come to associate with St Nick. The end result is a classic sounding collection that will also bring back memories of Christmas in the 90s and early 00s for long-time fans.


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Nov 30, 2017
Nat & Villy

Video: Mark Feehily – Silent Night (Live Acapella)

YAAAS! The gift Markus Feehily promised last night IS HERE and it’s out of this world… 👏😍🎄🎵 He shared a video of himself and his backing singers singing a live acapella version of ‘Silent Night‘, one of the songs you can find in his new album ‘Christmas‘, which is out tomorrow! 🎶🙌 So proud of this incredibly talented lad, he never fails to touch our hearts with THAT VOICE and the emotion of his performances. 🌟


Markus Feehily: As promised here’s a little Pre “Christmas” present for everyone! A little impromptu acapella in the studio during the album recording! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAe5bz-P3Yc … …..get your album by clicking this link: http://smarturl.it/MarkFeehilyChristmas … 🎄❤️ Mx

Markus Feehily: Who’s feeling festive? Here’s a little present ahead of the ‘Christmas’ album release tomorrow. Pre-order ‘Christmas’ http://smarturl.it/MarkFeehilyChristmas

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Nov 30, 2017
Nat & Villy

Surprise ‘Christmas’ Pre-release Gift Today!

Ahhh guys, make sure you will keep your eyes on Markus Feehily’s social media as last night he shared a gorgeous photo of himself captioning it with: “Not long now till ‘Christmas’ is out,genuinely proud of this album and the reaction so far. As a little pre-release gift there’ll be a little surprise for you all in the morning! Nite everyone 🎄x“! 🙀🎄✨❤️


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Nov 30, 2017
Nat & Villy

Mark Feehily reveals the REAL Mariah Carey

Diva’s backstage antics uncovered

MARIAH Carey arrives into the UK in just a few weeks time.

By Jack Hardwick, Exclusive

The pop superstar with play a string of shows around the country as well as London’s iconic O2 Arena.

Supporting her is former Westlife singer Mark Feehily.

After releasing his debut solo album Fire in 2015, Mark is back with a special Christmas album for the festive period.

Christmas will be released on Friday December 1.

Chatting about the record, Mark told Daily Star Online: “Westlife was a big pop machine but now as a 37-year-old man it is nice to be in control of my life.

“It is nice to make my own decisions musically.

“I have been enjoying that a lot recently.”

The Irish star continued: “I have had the idea for a Christmas album for a number of years and some of songs as well, but in terms of deciding to release it this year that was more later in the day.

“It wasn’t too rushed, but the thing is I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than to release this Christmas album alongside the UK Mariah shows.”

Opening up about the diva, Mark said: “There is a big backstory with Mariah and Westlife as we worked with her before.

“We share share the same agent. I was told I would be the opening act if she even had one but I took it with a pinch of salt.

“The thing is you hear a lot of things like that in the industry but then a few months ago I got the call to say I was confirmed.”

These past weeks Mariah fans Stateside have been left heartbroken after the star cancelled a string of shows due to illness.

However, Mark insists the superstar has no plans to pull out at the eleventh hour.

“According to everyone at my side the UK shows are 100% going ahead,” he explained.

“When I heard about the cancelled shows I did call up my agent to check if she was ok.

“When someone gets ill everyone assumes that’s it, everything is cancelled.

“Mariah only cancelled the first few concerts before the UK to make sure she is in top condition for the rest of the tour.”

The 47-year-old may be one of the biggest stars on the planet but it seems she hasn’t compleately lost her roots – despite countless horror stories.

Revealing the real Mariah and how she operates behind closed doors, Mark explained: “In past shows I did with her when I was in Westlife Mariah has always sent someone down to see us.

“She would be like ‘I wanna see the boys.’

“A couple of times she sent the message to come and see her in the dressing room.”

He added: “I’m sure I’ll get to see her again this time around.

“I don’t know when she’s flying in and out but i’m sure we will say ‘hi'”.

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Nov 30, 2017
Nat & Villy

Watch Back Mark’s Interview On Classic Hit 4FM

Markus was in the Classic Hit 4FM studios earlier today, where he gave an interview and his fantastic rendition of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas‘ was played too! 😊🎵🎄 So proud of this lad; we can’t wait for the full ‘Christmas‘ album on Friday! 😍

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Nov 29, 2017
Nat & Villy

Videos & Photos From The Cunard Grotto Launch In Liverpool

Markus was at the Cunard Grotto Launch in Liverpool last night, performing and getting everyone in the Christmas spirit and you can see some gorgeous photos below, as well as watch videos of him! 😃🎄🎤✨

Mark performing ‘Merry Christmas Baby‘, one of the songs taken from his new album ‘Christmas’ (out this Friday)! 😊

This has made my Christmas! Amazing voice, lovely guy, good luck @markusmoments with the #christmas album! #westlife #earlychristmaspresent #cunardchristmas 📷: @danielhughespr

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη G E M M A J A L E E L (@gemmajaleel) στις

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Nov 29, 2017
Nat & Villy

Mark In The Sun’s bizmeter: mags


MARK ­FEEHILY got told off by ­MARIAH CAREY when she and WESTLIFE recorded a cover of PHIL COLLINS’ Against All Odds.

Mark told Now that Mariah twigged he’d gone off for a crafty fag and added: “She went ‘You do not smoke! Your voice!’ I was ­mortified.

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Nov 29, 2017
Nat & Villy