Welcome to MarkusFeehily.Net. Markus Feehily, one of the lead singers in pop band Westlife, is a talented singer and songwriter from Ireland, known for co-writing songs like “I Will Reach You” and “Beautiful World” while in the band. Now flying solo, he has co-written all the tracks on his debut solo album. This site is a tribute to him and his creative soul for being an inspiration to many. We invite you to open your mind and let Mark's vibe and magic inspire your all. In 2015 Markus launched his solo career with his debut album "Fire", while now, he is about to release a new festive album called "Christmas" and is set to perform some special unplugged shows in the UK and Ireland.

Westlife star Mark Feehily: I went into therapy to deal with terror of coming out as gay

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PinkNews Exclusive

Mark Feehily sold 55 million records as part of record-breaking Irish boyband Westlife, clocking up 14 UK number ones across 14 years.

Now Mark is back with his first solo offering in two years and preparing for a Christmas tour with pal Mariah Carey. 

His new album, Christmas, out 1 December, is something he has wanted to release for a long time, as he bids to follow in Mariah’s festive footsteps.

Speaking to PinkNews, Mark is keen to dispel the diva reputation that follows Mariah – she is, apparently, easy going.

“She was really laid back, I mean really chilled,” he says of their time recording Against All Odds in 2000.

“We literally had a couple glasses of wine in the studio we were laughing and gossiping about the other big American stars and stuff like that.

“It was really like we already knew her, like catching up with an old friend. We were all quite taken aback with how fun she was, and I’m really not just making that up.”

Working with queen of Christmas Mariah has inspired him to release a festive album.

“I’ve always loved Christmas songs, it’s that one time of year when you can get your Christmas albums out.

“Mariah Carey was one of my favourites since I was a kid and just, you know, all those songs that become relevant once a year just for a little while, and I’ve tried to pick really strong songs for the record.”

He adds: “I felt like I was getting a little separation and anxiety from the fans and I try to keep in touch with them as much as I can on twitter and stuff. It’s actually been two years now, so it’s the right time to release something.”

Mark was propelled to fame while still a teenager, working with the likes of Mariah and racking up number one records into his 20s.

But while working as a popstar adored by millions, privately he was battling his own sexuality.
Mark didn’t just have to come out to friends and family – there were millions of fans, the tabloid press and record execs watching.

“Honestly, it was probably the most difficult experience of my entire life, by miles it stands out further than everything else,” he reveals to PinkNews.

“I suppose I became paranoid that press were gonna be after it, I was really scared so I thought the only thing to do here was just to get in the closet, lock the door and swallow the key.”

For years he avoided his sexuality at all costs, eventually resorting to seeing a therapist.

“She just sort of stuck a pin in it and all the air came flying out, you know?

“One weekend I was going back to Ireland, and she said, well your homework for this weekend is just to go home and come out to your parents. And then I was like, okay then, that’s happening then. It’s weird when you just hand something over to the counsellor.”

Things changed in 2004 when, age 24, he finally found the strength to tell Westlife and band boss Louis Walsh.

He was out for drinks with bandmates Kian Egan and Shane Filan when it all came to head, with the boys insisting he tell them why he was struggling.

“I just thought, ‘F**k, well I can’t hold back anymore, I’ve already come out to my friends and family. So I just said it to them.

“And in five minutes they were asking me, ‘Who do you fancy? Do you fancy Justin Timberlake? And obviously I said yes.”

It was over drinks that he finally told Louis, too, after bandmates struggled to keep such big news a secret from him.

“We were out again at a club with Louis and everyone had had a few drinks and the lads were like ‘will you just f***ing tell him? We’re dying to talk about this!’

“So I just turned around to Louis, and they all knew I was going to do it so they all turned round like a little audience, so I turned around to Louis and said, ‘Louis I’m a big old gay’.

“There was this moment when we were in the club and we all had our arms around each other jumping up and down for joy, because a lot of people will know this, it was affecting me so much that it was sort of seeping out into the atmosphere.

“People could physically, tangibly feel my sadness or unhappiness and so everyone was relieved, not just me.”

What happened next is unclear, Mark confesses, but there were shots involved.

And while Louis and record bosses welcomed his coming out, Mark reveals that behind closed doors the bubbly X Factor judge is anything but soft.

“There was one time when we were doing a chat show in Dublin. It was a big Saturday night chat show and the presented was a little bit lippy.

“And Louis was there and Louis just stormed off the stage on live TV and sat down and grabbed the mic and he’s like ‘nobody f***ing watches this show, don’t f***ing say that about these boys, these boys are the hardest f***ing boys in the business and your just a grumpy old man.’

“All this kind of stuff. that was a true example of how Louis protected us and stood up for us.”
“There were times where Louis heard something and literally get on a flight to Dublin, get in a taxi, go straight to the label and say, ‘I don’t care about security, I don’t need a pass,’ and go to the label and just start screaming at everyone.

“Because we released 13 albums some of them at the label were more taking them for granted and stuff. He’d always just go in and read the riot acts and that’s, as I say, that’s priceless, you can’t buy that you know.”

Westlife parted ways in 2012 – something Mark says he has no regrets about – but the calls for them to reunite are stronger than ever.

Simon Cowell is even proactively trying to make the reunion happen, he reveals: “Once every six months, we’ll get some sort of call, whether it’s from Simon or from Louis, or from somebody going, ‘Right okay, should we all meet up?’”

“Theres a reality we could get back together, all of us want it to happen,” he admits.

“You know, at the end of the day it’s completely down to the four of us and we all know in our heart and souls all of us want to do it.

“We’ve been approached and been offered for the red carpet to be rolled out, the whole lot. It’s very important to us and we wouldn’t just do it until we’re all ready.”

Mariah Carey and Mark Feehily will be performing at the Manchester Arena, 10 December and London’s O2 arena, 11 September.

Mark’s new album, Christmas, can be pre-ordered here, along with tour details.

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Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

Westlife star Mark says the band is set for a reunion… down at the pub

Melanie Finn

Mark Feehily has said that a Westlife reunion is definitely on the cards – as the four lads will be meeting next month for Christmas drinks.

Rumours have abounded recently the chart-topping foursome could be heading for a reunion, more than five years after their last show in Croke Park.

But while Mark said that it’s still too early for them to think about reuniting, he hopes to get them all together for a proper catch-up. The band sold more than 45 million albums worldwide before their split

“It’s funny. We haven’t all been in the same room together for quite a while now. It’s not that we don’t want to be in the same room together, it’s not that at all,” he said.

“So I think I’ll plan some Christmas drinks and get us all back in the same room together. I think the first thing that I want to do is meet up for a few drinks and have a bit of food and a chat.”

Asked about the reunion rumours, Mark – who was interviewed by Nicky Byrne yesterday for his album launch – said that it was too soon. “It’s been five years, but it doesn’t feel that long. I haven’t even released my second album yet.

“I’ve got lots of stuff planned and things I want to do and equally, the other lads have lots of stuff they want to do.


“It’s weird because it’s not like it’s a case of, ‘no, not a chance, that’s not happening’,” he said.

“But the truth is, it’s not something that’s going to happen soon.”

He’s now gearing up for his second solo album, entitled Christmas, which will be released on December 1.

He has also been chosen by American superstar Mariah Carey to join her on her Christmas tour of the UK, with a date in Manchester before a performance in the O2 Arena in London on December 11.

He’ll also be performing here at the Sugar Club on December 19 as he gets fans in the festive spirit of things.

“It’s been fantastic being back in the studio to cover wonderful songs and make them my own. I’m looking forward to giving something back to fans. This is what the album is all about,” he said.

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Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

Westlife star Mark Feehily opens up about feeling ‘100% broody’

By Andrea Kissane

Mark Feehily notched up 14 number one hit records as part of boyband Westlife and has carved out a successful solo career.

The singer is set to follow up his debut 2015 album Fire with a new festive release.

The 37-year-old’s new album entitled ‘Christmas’ will be released on December 1st.

Tracks will include a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ and Mark’s version of Mariah Carey’s ‘Miss You Most (at Christmas Time)’.

‘I’m looking forward o giving something back to the fans,’ he said. ‘This is what the album is all about.’

The Sligo man opened up about his private life, saying that he has been in a great relationship for the last four years.

His partner is Irish but does not work in the same industry and Mark says that he would like children to be in their future.

‘I would love to have kids right now. I’ve always been around kids since the band started because the lads started popping them out quite early,’ he said.

‘There were always kids running around the dressing room and I was always happy to mind the kids.’

‘I’m 100% broody, I’m really looking forward to it,’ he continued. ‘It’s probably going to be the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. I’m ready for it.

‘It’s obviously slightly more complex for a gay guy to have kid but it’s certainly far from impossible. It’s something I’d be very excited about.’

Along with his new album, Mark is touring with Mariah Carey and will open for the songstress on Sunday the 10th of December in Manchester and Monday the 11th of December in the O2 London.

And the ‘Love is a Drug’ singer will also be performing an unplugged gig at The Sugar Club on Tuesday December 19th.

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Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

Former Westlife star Mark Feehily admits big dream is to become a Dad

The singer songwriter is back with his new album, Christmas which he’ll tour with mega star Mariah Carey

By Irishmirror.ie

Former Westlife star Mark Feehily has admitted his big dream is to become a Dad.

The singer songwriter is back with his new album, Christmas which he’ll tour with mega star Mariah Carey for the festive season.

The Sligo native found love with a mystery man four years ago and Mark told how the pair are looking for the best way to approach parenthood.

Mark, 37, told the Irish Mirror: “100 per cent I want kids one day, it’s something that I’m looking into but it’s something you have to do your research on and choose the right approach to it.

“Everyone talks about how becoming a parent changes your life and you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

“But with all the Westlife guys having kids I’ve observed all the positive changes it makes and so I’d love to have them.”

When probed about his partner’s identity Mark remained tight lipped out of respect for his other half.

He said: “We’re together now four years, I’m very happy, as I said before if I’m not showbizzy on my down time.

“I’m very happy and I was single for a while there and was reminded of how much I enjoy being in a relationship.

“He’s not really in the industry and not really into the whole red carpet scene, everyone is respecting the fact that he’s very shy.”

As for wedding bells the pair have discussed it and Mark hopes they will tie the knot one day.

He said: “Absolutely we’d love to I’m quite a traditionalist so marriage has always been something that I’ll look into in the future and I look forward to getting married.”

Last year the singer’s bandmate Nicky Byrne paved the way with his Eurovision entry Sunlight and Mark hasn’t ruled out giving it a go himself.

He said: “I was a fan of the Eurovision when I was a kid I nearly broke my ankle jumping off the mantlepiece in my house when Johnny Logan won.

“I’d consider anything really but all would depend on the song, there’s a lot of negative slack to the Eurovision and I think it’s a fantastic song contest and a great opportunity.

“If Ireland found the right song everybody would love it again.”

Christmas includes festive classics like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Silent Night, as well as a cover version of Mariah Carey’s Miss You Most.

Commenting on his upcoming Christmas tour with Mariah Mark told how he’s hoping he can keep his nerves at bay.

The Sligo native added: “I’ve been a massive fan of Mariah since I was 10 and we worked with her before so for those two reasons I’m excited and I massively admire her.

“You never know until the last minute with nerves, 9 out of 10 times I’m fine but it can just hit you in the most unexpected places.”

A Westlife reunion is on the cards but instead of singing on stools the lads will be enjoying a Christmas tipple on a bar stool.

Mark explained: “We’ll be back together for Christmas drinks, but in terms of getting back together as a band if you look at everyone’s individual careers everyone is really busy so it would be premature in my opinion at the moment.

“But we all hold a very positive opinion of the idea of getting back together down the line, we’d all like to do it but not quite yet.”

Credit/Source: irishmirror.ie

Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

My Love

Ex-Westlife star Mark Feehily reveals he is ‘secretly in love’ after meeting an Irishman in London

The Sligo singer is set to release his Christmas album, ahead of a gig at the Sugar Club next month

By Nicola Bardon

MARK Feehily has revealed he is secretly in love, after meeting an Irishman in London.

The former Westlife singer is set to release his Christmas album, ahead of a gig at the Sugar Club next month.

And not only is the Sligo singer happy in his career, he is back living in Ireland where he is building a house and will be moving his partner in with him.

The relationship follows his split with long-term partner Kevin McDaid in 2011 after nearly seven years.

The 37-year-old didn’t want to name his boyfriend but said he hasn’t been this happy in “a long long time.”

“I was living in London back when I was making my album and I met an Irish guy who was also living in London at the time.

I’m very happy, we’re four years together now- I didn’t enjoy being single too much, I went off it very quickly.

“For a minute I was like ‘oh I’m single now, I can go off on a date,’ didn’t really last too long though.

“So I’m delighted that we’ve found each other, I think we’re both very happy, and we’re both very involved in doing my house up and it’s nice as well that he’s not in the industry, he’s nothing to do it with it and he doesn’t come to any events with me.

“I met him in London, just out one night in London. There was a Rudimental gig on and we were just talking at the bar and that was that.

It’s nice when I’m busy, whether it is here or in London, its work work work and then I go home and I can really switch off because he’s nothing to do with the industry, he doesn’t ask me a million questions about what song and play this and play me a demo, he’s just happy to let me do that.”

He added: “He’s very supportive and respectful but he’s happy for it to be what I do for a living and then go home and switch off. I haven’t been this happy in a long long time.”

It is a sad day for Westlife fans however, as Mark confirmed a reunion is not on the cards – even if Louis Walsh would like it to happen tomorrow.

The band’s former manager said a comeback was “definitely” going to happen.

Mark said that was the X Factor judge’s wishful thinking, as “Westlife’s biggest fan.”

“Louis has a giant invisible wooden spoon on his back, he takes it out and stirs the pot.

“All the other lads know the truth that we are not getting together soon, but it’s a lovely feeling to hear all the people getting excited about it.”

Mark’s Christmas album is out on December 1 and tickets for his Sugar Club date are on sale now.

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Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

World Of Your Own, Louis

Mark Feehily confirms Westlife reunion is not on the cards – even if Louis Walsh wants it to happen

Speaking with the Irish Sun, Mark said that was the X Factor judge’s wishful thinking as ‘Westlife’s biggest fan’

By Nicola Bardon

IT is a sad day for Westlife fans as Mark Feehily confirmed a reunion is not on the cards – even if Louis Walsh would like it to happen tomorrow.

The band’s former manager said a comeback was “definitely” going to happen.

But speaking with the Irish Sun, Mark said that was the X Factor judge’s wishful thinking, as “Westlife’s biggest fan.”

“Louis has a giant invisible wooden spoon on his back, he takes it out and stirs the pot.

“All the other lads know the truth that we are not getting together soon, but it’s a lovely feeling to hear all the people getting excited about it.

“But I wouldn’t want them to get too excited and get disappointed when they realise the actual truth.

“People still like us and have fond memories of us, it’d be ten times worse if nobody gave a crap.

“I just don’t want the hardcore fans to think it’s happening – the only way I can remedy that is if you hear from us, that’s when you know its true.”

He added: “Kian has said in interviews, Louis is Westlife’s biggest fan.

“And because of how much he loves Westlife, and he put all that passion into us at the beginning and broke us as a band and got us signed to a major deal, he took Westlife, we could all sing, and he took us and made us big.

“And so Louis’ passion for Westlife always has and always will be a very positive thing. But I think Louis would like us to get back together in the morning.

“Kian always said Louis was really upset we were breaking up, he really didn’t want us to do that, but it’s very sweet.”

Mark is touring with Mariah Carey in London and Manchester as part of her All I Want for Christmas shows, where he will sing tracks from his new Christmas album.

He will also perform at Dublin’s Sugar Club next month and said he is now able to pick and choose what he wants to do in his career.

He said: “Ever since Westlife ended I’ve only been responsible for myself, so it’s my decision, so if I don’t want to go somewhere or do something that’s offered, nobody else suffers if I say no.

“Whereas in the band if I said no, it’s affecting people’s careers and lives, it’s a lot of responsibility.

“There’s certain sides of Westlife that you miss, like the performing for the fans and being in the studio and having the laugh with the lads on nights out but I can’t say that I miss the other side of it.

“I’m really appreciating having a balance in life, I feel like I’m in control and I’m grounded, and I’m more aware now than ever of who I am and I’m in control of my own destiny. That does feel good to me at 37.”

Mark Feehily’s Christmas album is out on December 1 and tickets for his Sugar Club date are on sale now.

Credit/Source: thesun.ie

Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

Mark Feehily reveals his adorable baby plans following a four year romance with his secret Irish boyfriend

They are currently working on renovating their new Sligo home

By Mikie O’LoughlinShowbiz Reporter And Social Media Manager

Mark Feehily reveals his adorable baby plans following a four year romance with his secret Irish boyfriend.

The Westlife star has kept the identity of his beau under wraps, however things are moving along nice and fast for the loved up duo.

Mark recently returned from London and his is currently renovating his Sligo home with his partner.

Speaking about his relationship, the singer exclusively told RSVP Live: “I am going out with an Irish guy now, so it suits us both to be back in Ireland and our families are closeby.

“We are together four years now, so it has been quite a while and I am very happy.”

The 37-year-old says that the decision to remain out of the public light remains with his boyfriend and that is his choice.

When he is ready to take on the red carpet, things will change.

Continuing on, he said: “He is not quiet believe me, he is far from quiet, but he has no experience whatsoever in the music industry and he is quite shy about coming to the red carpet

“A lot of people ask me his name and it is not that I don’t say his name, it is his thing to say and if he wants to be in a magazine then that’s his choice.”

Mark dismissed the idea of an engagement any time soon, but he said that he is keen to start a family.

They have been looking at surrogacy and adoption as possible avenues in the future.

“I do really believe that I would be a great job… I would be a great Dad, we would be great parents” he began.

“I am looking into all the options and obviously it is a little more complex for a gay couple than a heterosexual couple because they can just do it- literally

“I am more ready now then I ever have been, I have never felt more eager and broody,” he says.

His new album “CHRISTMAS” is released 1st of December 2017 with pre-order available from the 17th of November 2017.

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Nov 24, 2017
Nat & Villy

Tickets For The ‘Christmas Unplugged’ Shows On Sale Today

YAAAS!! Guys, tickets for Markus Feehily’s highly anticipated ‘Christmas’ unplugged shows in Manchester, Glasgow, London, Belfast and Dublin go on sale TODAY!!! 😁🎤🌟🎄


Tue, 12thManchester, Ruby Lounge
Wed, 13thGlasgow, St Lukes Church
Sun, 17thLondon, Under The Bridge
Mon, 18thBelfast, Empite Music Hall
Tue, 19thDublin, The Sugar Club

VIP Package includes:
Includes 1 seated ticket
Early Entry to show
Access to Sound Check
Meet & Greet
Photo Opportunity
Q&A session with Mark

I'm going on tour in UK & Ireland 🎄😀

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Mark Feehily (@markusmoments) στις

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Nov 24, 2017
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Photos & Video From ‘Christmas’ Album Launch

Markus launched his new album ‘Christmas‘, yesterday in Dublin, chatting to many journalists and having some fab pictures! 😍 He also got the support of Louis Walsh, who posed with Mark and the album. 😁❤️

Markus is on 2:55 minutes in

Credit/Source: instagram.com/goss.ie / twitter.com/kazzie9t9 / twitter.com/KathrynMasonPR / twitter.com/Melfinn1 / twitter.com/Mikie_Ol / twitter.com/NicolaBardon / twitter.com/EVOKE / thesun.ie / facebook.com/GossIRE / evoke.ie

Nov 23, 2017
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Listen Back: Markus On The Nicky Byrne Show

Markus was a guest on RTÉ 2FM’s Nicky Byrne Show earlier today, hosted by his former Westlife band mate Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene. They did a fab interview, a Westlife quiz, as well as played Mark’s fantastic version of ‘River‘, which features on his new album ‘Christmas‘ – out on December 1st! 😊🎄✨🎵🙌🙌

You can watch it all back on Facebook, as a video of it was broadcast live:

An audio of the podcast is also available to download on the show’s page:

(right-click and “Save Target As / Download Linked File As“).

Credit/Source: twitter.com/PresencePR / twitter.com/RTE2fm / twitter.com/TeamByrneMx

Nov 22, 2017
Nat & Villy