Welcome to MarkusFeehily.Net. Markus Feehily, one of the lead singers in pop band Westlife, is a talented singer and songwriter from Ireland, known for co-writing songs like “I Will Reach You” and “Beautiful World” while in the band. Now flying solo, he has co-written all the tracks on his debut solo album. This site is a tribute to him and his creative soul for being an inspiration for many. We invite you to open your mind and let Markus' vibe and magic inspire your all. In 2015 Markus launched his solo career kicking it off with debut single "Love Is a Drug", followed by "Butterfly" and his album "Fire".

HQ Pictures from ISPCC Anti-bullying Awareness Week Launch

Alfee has found more HQ pictures of Mark during the ISPCC Anti-bullying Awareness Week launch (April 23rd – 30th). Big thanks to her for sharing them with us :) xx

Remember that you can collaborate with the ISPCC campaign, visit their website for all the information but also don’t forget that bullying is happening not only in ireland but, sadly, all around the world so don’t close your eyes in your schools and neighborhoods. SAY NO TO BULLYING.

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Jun 26, 2012

Mark’s latest tweets and pictures

The day after the last ever Westlife concert at Croke Park, Mark had some words on his twitter pages about it.

Also, on the 22th of June, before the penultimate Westlife concert, he tweeted two lovely picture while his hairdresser worked on his hair :’) Beautiful!

Credit/Source: Twitter.com/MarkusFeehily

Jun 26, 2012

Westlife boys plan solo careers but will relax beforehand

By Kathryn Rogers

Music mogul Louis Walsh has revealed the immediate plans for the four former Westlife members is for a long, well-earned holiday.

The band’s ex-manager said Shane Filan (32), Mark Feehily (32), Kian Egan (32) and Nicky Byrne (33) are shelving any ambitious career plans for the moment and are determined to put their feet up for the rest of the summer.

“The first thing all the guys are doing is taking a long holiday with their families,” Louis (59) said.

“They all have various career plans but none of them are rushing into anything. They’re all going away, doing a bit of travelling or just taking a long holiday in the sun. They can spend time with family and friends and enjoy life for a while. There’s no pressure on any of them to do anything for the moment. They’ve worked non-stop for years so they’ve earned some time off!”

Nicky: TV presenter
“Nicky is going into TV presenting — he’s always been clear about that and he’s really good at it. I know he’s been in loads of meetings about various TV shows coming up and about pilots for TV shows. He’s not going to rush into anything either though. He’s got plenty of time.”

Kian: TV presenter
“Kian has a lot of options and I think the offers have been coming in faster than he even wanted. He wants to take a long break. I know he and Jodi really want to take time off to go travelling together and see the world. But he’s a bit torn because there are TV projects on the table that he’s finding hard to turn down. I think he’ll end up involved in the music industry. I introduced him to the ARG Talent Agency in London and now he’s signed with them so he’s in really good hands. I think he’s going to get back into music management down the road too. I think he’ll end up being involved in the music industry.”

Mark: Pop producer
“Mark plans to go to LA to work with some really great producers and record a few of his own songs. He wants to concentrate on songwriting and producing. He’s interested in the whole process and he has that incredible voice so he’s interested in doing something solo down the line too. Mostly he’s into song writing and producing and he wants to work with other artists too. Mark and Shane were the big voices of Westlife and they were the reason Westlife really worked. It was the blend of Shane and Mark together with Nicky and Kian. Between them they produced harmonies that were world class.”

Shane: Solo singer
“Shane is not rushing into anything yet. He’s had all the major record companies trying to sign him and he’s going to release a solo album but that won’t be until next year. Everyone knows he’s had financial problems but he’s trying to get back on track and start afresh. I see him as a new Michael Buble style artist or the male Adele. He’s a natural. He wants to do an album of modern, contemporary songs along the lines of Michael Buble – something that would have wide appeal. He can tackle any music really simply because he has the voice.”

Credit/Source: starplus.ie

Jun 25, 2012

Best Life (includes Mark quotes)

INCREDIBLE: Croke Park farewell was gig of my career – Kian

By Melanie Finn , Showbusiness Editor

WESTLIFE’s Kian Egan described the band’s farewell concert at Croke Park as the best gig of his life.

And he said the band were thrilled they went out on such a high in front of 160,000 screaming fans before parting ways after 14 years together.

“As a musician, you never really want to perform your last concert. It was something that was hard to even think about but that was honestly the gig of my career, the best one ever,” Kian said.

“Standing there on that stage was an indescribable feeling, it’s something I’ll remember for ever.”

Echoing his comments, band-mate Mark Feehily admitted the finality of the occasion hadn’t really sunk in.

“It hasn’t hit me at all, that we’ve just done our last concert. I would say it will take about two weeks for it to really sink in,” he said.

“When they first opened the gates of Croke Park and the crowds started coming in, I just had this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and I thought ‘This is it now’.”

The band finally wound down their two-hour set shortly after 11pm on Saturday night.

The show went off without a hitch as the band performed a medley of hits from their lengthy career, with plenty of fireworks and pyrotechnics,

All four members were clearly emotional as they thanked their fans and paid tribute to manager Louis Walsh.

But the night was more of a celebration of the band’s career, which saw them notch up 45 million record sales and countless awards.

And as soon as they curtain finally came down on their last performance, the fun-loving gang wasted little time in getting the party started.

Their manager Louis splashed out more than €100,000 on an exclusive party in the main arena of the O2 where they were joined by family and friends.

“The guys went out on a high, no doubt about it. They could have gone on another ten years but they left at the height of their career,” Louis said.

PR guru Joanne Byrne organised the party and gave out just 600 gold wristbands to their nearest and dearest.

A massive montage featuring the covers of all 12 of their albums had been set up around the walls of the venue, with a flashing dance-floor built especially for the bash.

Each band-member had their own section for their guests, with buckets of rose champagne on the tables with a top DJ from Lillie’s Bordello spinning the hits on the decks.

There was also a complimentary bar, finger food and a chocolate fountain.

Westwives Jodi Albert, Gillian Filan and Georgina Ahern were all looking uber-glam for the occasion, as was WAG Jane Given, there with husband Shay.

There were also a few surprise faces in attendance, including billionaire businessman JP McManus.

Also there were MCD boss Caroline Downey Desmond, MTV beauty Laura Whitmore and Eoghan McDermott, Kian’s pal from The Voice Of Ireland.

Boyband The Wanted were also there, as were Jedward, who wore matching gold jackets and were followed by a cameraman.


Nicky Byrne said it was exactly the kind of party they wanted to mark the occasion.

“We’ve done this place 79 times and I remember in the meeting everyone was saying different places to have the party. We gave Joanne the budget and she just transformed it,” he said.

Speaking about their grand finale in Croke Park, he said: “When I started talking to the crowd about how we were being watched in cinemas at that moment and said ‘Ireland say hello to Europe’ and they started singing back Ole Ole Ole, it was just amazing.

“We could never hope to top that. If you wrote a book and you had to best way to end your career, that would be it. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was our best gig ever.”

Credit/Source: www.herald.ie

Jun 25, 2012

PICTURES: Mark meeting fans in Glasgow

Lovely Alfee found some gorgeous pictures of Mark meeting fans in Glasgow on the 17th and 19th of June during Westlife’s Farewell Tour. :) Thank you Alfee!!

Credit/Source: Thanks Alfee / ClickPhoto / Bullspress

Jun 25, 2012

We are back… and feel so proud

Hello everyone, so we are both back to our countries after our 10-day trip to enjoy Marky and the lads live. So many emotions that are not easy to put into words at the moment. All we can say is that we are EXTREMELY proud of Mark and of Westlife as a band too.

It’s quite hard to believe that Westlife are not together anymore but we are so thankful of all these years they gave fans. Thank you Mark and Westlife for 14 years we’ll always have in our hearts, for the music, the happy moments, all the tours, the laughs, the emotional days, some amazing friends we’ve made and for all the times this band has helped us through tough periods in our lives. Also, it’s so important to see Westlife taking their separate ways still being friends, they made sure they kept respecting each other and kept everything they’ve created safe. In that way both themselves and the fans can remember the Westlife days with a big proud smile.

They have achieved so much and Westlife will live on through the songs, the DVDs, the videos, the interviews, pictures… everything that has kept them going all these years.

Last but definitely not least, THANK YOU to the one and only Mark Feehily. We are so grateful of the past 14 years and we will always be here supporting you in everything that will come, sweety. We love and admire you more than words can describe and we will be here for you in every step, no matter what. You are so talented, hearing your voice is a gift and we are very lucky to be able to do so. You are such a down-to-earth, beautiful inside and outside and caring person. Mummy and Daddy Feehily, all your family and friends must be very proud of you and so are all your fans. You are one in a million and deserve the best. We might got to know you as ‘Mark from Westlife’ years and years ago but we got to love you as ‘our Marky’, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING lovely! Here is to the next part of the adventure… :)

Much love and hugs,
Nat and Villy

Jun 25, 2012
Nat & Villy

AUDIO: Westlife’s last ever radio interview on 2FM

Westlife gave their ever interview as a group to RTÉ 2FM’s Michael Cahill on the 20th of June. You can listen to it below and download the podcast too.


Michael Cahill has also uploaded a picture with the lads:

Credit/Source: 2fm.rte.ie/michael / twitter.com/michaelc2fm

Jun 25, 2012

Anyone want some exclusive Westlife news?

Celebritain.com can reveal exclusive news about Westlife’s future plans.

Firstly, Shane Filan is planning to launch his solo career on The X Factor.
The former Westlife star has already recorded his debut single, which has been described as “Buble meets Adele”. Filan’s Manager, Louis Walsh, has vowed to pull out all the stops for the project, as he is determined to reverse the star’s fortunes following his recent bankruptcy.

Shane will first appear on The X Factor to help Louis pick his final four acts. He’ll then perform his solo single for the first time during the live finals and the intention is to make the song available for download straight afterwards. Celebritain have learned that the release could coincide with the release of the band’s next live dvd.

A Source told Celebritain “Louis isn’t going to waste any time with Shane. In the wake of his financial issues the plan is to launch him as soon as possible and the only thing they’re waiting for is The X Factor. There’s no way they’re going to waste the opportunity to launch Shane’s career infront of so many viewers”.

Ironically, the performance will see Shane go head-to-head in a ratings battle with his former bandmate Nicky Byrne, who is negotiating lucrative offer to appear on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing. The BBC have huge plans for Nicky including his own show on BBC Radio 2. They are also hoping he will agree to become a mentor on The Voice.

A Source told Celebritain “The BBC want to turn Nicky in to their next big star. There are talks of him either becoming a mentor on The Voice or even a co-host, when the show gets a revamp next year. The idea is to give him his own Radio 2 show as well and turn him into a major new face on the channel”.

Kian Egan has also agreed to continue as a mentor on The Voice of Ireland whilst Mark is not planning to release any solo material until late next year.

Fans of the band were in mourning today after they performed together for the final time in Dublin’s Croke Park last night. However the legend will live on with an official 2013 calendar and potentially a new live cd to accompany the official Farewell Concert and documentary dvd scheduled for release 19th November.

Credit/Source: celebritain.com

Jun 25, 2012

Westlife thank fans at Dublin concert

Westlife delivered an emotional tribute to their fans at their final concert of their farewell tour in Dublin last night.

Speaking to the crowd Kian Egan said: “As this is the very last Westlife concert, the whole idea was to be able to get out here and see our fans one last time and celebrate 14 years.”

Mark Feehily pitched in: “For 14 years, Westlife fans have made our dreams come true. This show is dedicated to each and every one of you. Our fans mean so much. You have never stopped supporting us.

“Thanks so much. You’re not just our fans, you are our friends and have been with us each step of the way.”

Shane Filan said:”Last night was loud but this is unbelievable. Tonight is the loudest, best crowd we have ever had.

“We will always be member[s] of Westlife but we won’t be a band anymore.

He added: “Thank you. I’ll never forget this. These are times that will live in our lives forever.”

Credit/Source: www.rte.ie

Jun 25, 2012

Mark mentioned in Kian Egan interview

Kian Egan gave an interview to HOT PRESS’ Colm O Hare and Mark is mentioned too. You can read the full interview here.

How are you feeling now that the final Westlife shows are almost upon you?

We’re all very excited and starting to feel the nerves and the nostalgia. We did our last London gig the other night which I think was probably the most emotional we’ve gotten so far on this tour. To me, London was always a second home. My wife is from London and the first property I ever bought was in London. Saying goodbye to the O2 in London was pretty emotional. So we’re all going to be in floods of tears at Croke Park. We’re going to end our career in our national stadium, with our heads held high and all of our fans, family and friends around us. We’ve been partying on this tour like nobody else – just the four of us – and it’s been brilliant. We’ll be up ‘til all hours after Croke Park but it’ll probably be me and Mark hanging in ‘till the bitter end, as usual (laughs).


Did Brian McFadden’s sudden departure in 2004 cause a crisis within the band. Did you think it would mean the end of Westlife?

Oh yeah, I remember ringing my mum when it happened and saying, ‘well that’s it then, it’s all over now’. If you looked at other bands at the time, whether it was Take That or the Spice Girls, when anyone left the band, it had fallen apart or dwindled away. The difference with us, I suppose, was that Shane and Mark were the lead singers. That made a huge difference. As did the fact that the four of us on stage were very strong. The tour had already sold out before Brian had left. When we went on stage every night, we proved to the audience we were equally together as a four-piece.


What about the time Mark Feehily went public about his homosexuality? Was that a cause for concern in the band, in terms of how the audience might react?

That was never a crisis for us. It was never a case of, ‘Oh my God what’s going to happen to us?’ That was a necessity for Mark’s happiness. Steven Gately had come out before that and Boyzone were still doing well. The whole taboo of a member of a boy band being gay and it ruining the band’s career had disappeared. I don’t think there was any moment when we thought it was all over just because Mark was going to tell everyone that he was gay. It was completely fantastic that Mark got to come out like that. It made him a much happier person and it was the right thing for him to do.

Credit/Source: www.hotpress.com

Jun 25, 2012