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Interview For The Irish Mirror

Former Westlife star Mark Feehily on how he refused to let ‘keyboard warriors get under his skin’

He said the comments can be ‘so hurtful’

By Siobhan O’Connor

Former Westlife star Mark Feehily has revealed he no longer lets “keyboard warriors get under his skin”.

Mark, who has just released a new album, said he has developed a thick skin over the years.

Mark told the Irish Mirror: “I remember reading about Adele and she had stopped reading comments under Twitter or YouTube or whatever.

“I think there is that issue with the direct line of communication where anyone in the world can get a direct message right onto your phone at any point in time.

“And so it can be hurtful sometimes to read a negative comment but to be honest with you certain people would be more sensitive to it than others.

“I certainly was more sensitive a few years ago and I’ve just learnt to try to ignore it or just not read them but every now and again you’ll see something that isn’t nice to read but you just have to get on with it, keyboard warriors aren’t going to get me anytime soon.”

Busy with his solo material the 37-year-old is not ruling out a Westlife reunion.

He said: “In terms of getting back together as a band if you look at everyone’s individual careers everyone is really busy.

“In fact all the lads, we’re going to have a little Christmas party soon.

“But we all hold a very positive opinion of the idea of getting back together down the line, we’d all like to do it but not quite yet.”

Commenting on fellow Sligo bandmate Kian Egan and Jodi Albert’s latest addition to their brood baby Coby, Mark said he’s dying to meet the tiny tot.

He added: “I haven’t met Coby yet because I’ve been in London for the making of this album, I’d say they’ve had loads of visitors out there.

“But I’ve been speaking to Kian and Jody, we were having a little joke with each other saying would we bring in a bottle of champagne when she was still in hospital because me and Jody love a drink together.

“I spoke to Shane and Gillian yesterday and they loved the album and I’ll be seeing them soon.”

Shunning the limelight the 37-year-old said he’d rather be hiding away in his native Sligo than attending red carpet premieres.

He explained: “When I had my first album out I was in the promotional phase but as a person if I’m not actually promoting something I’m not really a showbizzy guy.

“I’ve been refurbishing my house in Sligo and designing the entire project, overseeing it project managing.

“When I get away from promoting I love going home and being creative.

“I’ve had a house in Sligo ever since the beginning of the band and I’ve always considered it to be home.”

The proud Sligo native explained why this Christmas is so special.

He said: “This is the Christmas I’ve been most looking forward to for a long time, I’ve got the album out so it’s going to be much more festive and fun than ever.

“I’m talking about Christmas all the time, it came kind of early because we made the album in November so it was an early Christmas beginning for me.

“I always love Christmas especially because I have a niece and two god daughters.

The singer is praying his family will be impressed with his culinary skills.

He said: “I’ll just be finished doing up my house for Christmas and I’m having all the family around.

“I’m going to be attempting to cook the Turkey this year, having kids around reignites the whole Christmas magic.”

Credit/Source: irishmirror.ie

Dec 23, 2017
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