Welcome to MarkusFeehily.Net. Markus Feehily, one of the lead singers in pop band Westlife, is a talented singer and songwriter from Ireland, known for co-writing songs like “I Will Reach You” and “Beautiful World” while in the band. Now flying solo, he has co-written all the tracks on his debut solo album. This site is a tribute to him and his creative soul for being an inspiration for many. We invite you to open your mind and let Markus' vibe and magic inspire your all. In 2015 Markus launched his solo career kicking it off with debut single "Love Is a Drug", followed by "Butterfly" and his album "Fire".

Collaboration With Nerina Pallot On The Cards?

Could a future collaboration between Markus Feehily and Nerina Pallon be on the cards? We’d absolutely love to see that happening. 😃 It looks like the two singers would love to “do something soon” so who knows, we could be in for a treat at some point! 😁

Nerina Pallot wrote to Markus on Twitter it’s “such an honour to have you sing on it – your voice is INSANELY GREAT!!! XXX“, talking about our artist singing backing vocals on her song ‘Man Didn’t Walk On The Moon‘. Markus replied “Let’s do something soon!“, to which Nerina said “Yes please!!!! ❤️ 😬”, so here’s hoping! 😉

Credit/Source: twitter.com/MarkusFeehily / twitter.com/ladychatterley

Aug 17, 2017
Nat & Villy

Markus: “Great Day For a Walk In The Sun “

Markus shared two photos, enjoying his day in Sligo yesterday! 😊❤️🇨🇮 He wrote on Instagram: “Great day for a walk in the sun through some serious WB Yeats country #sligo #yeats“. 🙂👍 N’aww, we love feeling he’s happy, it puts a big smile on our faces! 😁💖🌈

Credit/Source: instagram.com/MarkusMoments

Aug 15, 2017
Nat & Villy

Markus On Arranging And Singing BVs For Nerina Pallor

Markus shared the music video for Nerina Pallot‘s new single ‘Man Didn’t Walk On The Moon‘, on which he sings backing vocals, and wrote a bit more about this collaboration. Lovely to read he was also responsible for the BVs’ arrangement! 😃🎵🙌🙌

Markus Feehily: We had penned some songs together before so when Nerina Pallot asked me to come to her studio to help arrange and sing some BVs on her new album I jumped at the chance – shes so talented and gorgeous and I had a great time – heres the new video to one of those songs “Man didnt walk on the moon” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhZkdTgtjgk

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Aug 13, 2017
Nat & Villy

50.000 Followers On Instagram

YEY! Markus Feehily has reached 50.000 followers on Instagram everyone! 😃✨💙 Make sure you will follow him if you haven’t done so already, so you can enjoy all of his fab uploads. 🙂👍

Markus Feehily 50.000 Instagram Followers - @markusmoments


Aug 8, 2017
Nat & Villy

Markus Is “The Boss Of The Bus”

Markus shared a beautiful photo of himself on an empty-seated bus; he was in a bus of his own haha! 😜 He wrote: “This is my bus,I’m the boss of the bus 🎶“. 🚌👦🏻❤️

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Aug 8, 2017
Nat & Villy

Markus Enjoying Summertime In Sligo

Now, it looks like Markus is enjoying summertime in Sligo! 🤗❤️ He shared three fab new photos on his Instagram page, that will definitely make you smile! 😊

He also posted the photo of himself walking on the beach, in full dimensions, on his Facebook page:

Credit/Source: instagram.com/MarkusMoments / facebook.com/markusfeehilyofficial

Aug 4, 2017
Nat & Villy

Listen Back To Born This Way

Born This Way was such an interesting and encouraging piece to listen to on BBC Radio 2 and we are very proud that our one and only Markus Feehily was part of it, sharing his own experience of being in the closet. 🌈 It’s so wonderful to see how happy he has been since he came out despite his worries about how the world would take it in the past. 😃🙌🙌🏳️‍🌈💚

📻You can now listen back to ‘Born This Way’ on BBC Radio 2’s website:



(50:02 minutes in)

EDIT: We made a transcript of Markus’ words from the documentary. 😃

“It was phenomena! Right to the point if I’m honest where I probably didn’t even appreciate just how many different achievements were going on. It just put more and more more pressure on me because ‘that’s another million people that are gonna be so disappointed when they find out that I’ve been fooling them all along’, you know, this is what was going in my mind. Once again in hindsight it’s crazy but that is how I felt. I was scared of being found out. You know, I was scared of this big dark secret being uncovered and horrifying all of our fans and disappointing, literally, the other lads in the band and the label…”

“So I was ready for it… the backlash. And I swear to God, the next day I woke up, the story was in the paper, it was the biggest anticlimax of all time. The fans… there was not one single negative comment made, you know, not on the internet, nowhere. I felt like maybe the fans had that instinct as well. Maybe they were happy to see somebody finally being true to themselves and coming out of that dark place that I was in and they were so supportive and all of a sudden I was having the best time of my life. Just because I made a decision of coming out.”


Markus wrote on his social networks: Proud to be a part of this BBC Docu about LGBT timeline on @BBCRadio2 you can listen here,I’m on @ about 50.00 min https://t.co/xFObDaqpFk

Credit/Source: bbc.co.uk / twitter.com/MarkusFeehily

Aug 3, 2017
Nat & Villy

Episode 2 Of Born This Way Tonight On BBC Radio 2

The day is here everyone! 😃 The second episode of BBC Radio 2 documentary Born This Way, which will also feature Markus Feehily talking of of the pressures of being in the closet, will be aired tonight, 10-11pm (UK time) and you can listen live worldwide by clicking here. 🌏😊🌈

Check the equivalent time in your country here.

Born This Way

Episode 2 of 2

Your love – forbidden.

Your way of life – against the law.

That was the chilling reality for countless LGBT people in the UK.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act of 1967 which partially decriminalised sex between men, Andrew Scott tells the remarkable story of how gay people and gay culture came to transform pop culture in the face of persistent oppression.

In this second episode Andrew documents the horror of the AIDS crisis, which threatened to tear the gay scene apart in the 1980s. However, when surrounded by death, gay culture stood firm. Richard Coles (The Communards) and Andy Bell (Erasure) provide first hand accounts of being part of a new stock of proud LGBT performers who utilised their sexuality to push boundaries, tackle social issues and helped to define the sound of their generation.

Super-producers Trevor Horn (Frankie Goes To Hollywood – ‘Relax’) and Mike Thorne (Bronski Beat – ‘Smalltown Boy’) detail the process of creating two songs which helped showcase two very different sides of gay identity in the mid 1980s.

Will Young explores the experience of coming out under the spotlight of reality TV, and how the depiction of gay culture on TV in the early 2000s was an important step towards to society becoming more tolerant of gay people.

Even in recent years it’s been far from plain sailing for gay people in the entertainment industry. Markus Feehily, one of the lead singers in Westlife, tells of the pressures of being in the closet whilst also being in one of the most successful boy bands in the UK.

Finally, Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander talks about being part of the new wave of ‘always out’ pop-stars, daring to use male pronouns in his song-writing and the future of LGBT themes in pop.

Credit/Source: bbc.co.uk/radio2

Aug 2, 2017
Nat & Villy

Rainbow View From Sligo

N’aw, Markus shared a very beautiful photo of the view of a rainbow, which he took in Sligo… ❤️ He wrote: “Major rainbow action earlier,right here in Sligo on the #wildatlanticway #rainbow #sligo Miss it and miss out Xx“. 🌈

We would like to dedicate this update to the memory of Markus fan Alita, from Venezuela, who sadly passed away… Our thoughts are with her loved ones. R.I.P. Alita… 💔

Credit/Source: instagram.com/MarkusMoments

Jul 27, 2017
Nat & Villy

‘Man Didn’t Walk On The Moon’ On BBC

Whoop! Remember this update, everyone? 😃 Well, ‘Man Didn’t Walk On The Moon‘, one of Nerina Pallot’s songs from her upcoming album that features Markus Feehily on the backing vocals, was played on BBC and you can now listen to it by clicking here (skip to 2:40:16 for the song). 😃

We got all emotional hearing his high notes… 🎧😍💙🎵❤️👏👏

Nerina Pallot’s upcoming album ‘Stay Lucky’ will be released on October 13th. 🙂👍

Credit/Source: bbc.co.uk / twitter.com/MarkusFeehily / Thanks twitter.com/Jenny_K_90 for the link to the audio

Jul 26, 2017
Nat & Villy